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Star Trek: Deception2 - Fan Film
Deception2 has recently entered production and we'll be posting updates about the project shortly, in the meantime however, you can watch the previous episode of Star Trek: Deception below, or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook and help us spread the word! :)
It's been a long time coming, but we're all really exicted about this next episode, and we hope you are too! :)
Enjoy! :D

Star Trek: Deception - Fan Film



ST:D is a short fan-film being created by a group of friends whom all have one thing in common, a love of science fiction, namely Star Trek. Our backgrounds vary between us, some are into acting, others audio, and some are into visual effects, but together we have pooled our resources to create something we have all dreamed of but never thought possible, creating a Star Trek fan-film that we can all be proud of!

However, at the moment our resources are still limited, but with your help we can create a film that not only we can be proud of, but the whole science fiction world can watch and enjoy! So what are you waiting for, head over to Kickstarter today and pledge to earn exclusive rewards from the making of STAR TREK: DECEPTION


Star Trek: Deception - Production Update 5 - VFX and Music

Star Trek: Deception - Production Update 4 - Filming wraps on the Klingons!

Star Trek: Deception - Production Update 3 - Filming wraps on the Starfleet Officers!

Star Trek: Deception - Production Update 2 - Set Construction

Star Trek: Deception - Production Update 1 - Kickstarter funding ends

Who is involved in ST:D?

ST:D will be directed by Leo Tierney, long-time filmmaker and living Star Trek encyclopedia.

Leo Tierney

The two main Starfleet characters will be played by Jaymes Sygrove (as Commander Stoven) and Rick Huggins (as Lieutenant Miller), both are proven actors whom have years of experience under their belts.

Jaymes Sygrove Rick Huggins

We would also like to welcome on board classical composer and audio engineer, Cory S.Watterson, who will be giving Deception its epic soundtrack!

Cory S.Watterson


What is the plot of ST:D?

ST:D will be set during the relatively peaceful times of the The Next Generation era, focusing on two Starfleet officers as they attempt to transport a Klingon prisoner to a more secure location, only to be ambushed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey that has been lying in wait. Unwilling to give up their prisoner, the officers soon find themselves staring down the barrel of Klingon disruptor cannons as they battle for their very lives in an attempt to escape...


What will the funds from Kickstarter be spent on?

We have a script, Previz video, actors, set design mock-ups, budget sheets, rough 3d models, and several items of the costumes, so we are well into pre-production.
However, what we gain from Kickstarter will go towards the production phase of the film, namely building the set, finishing off the costumes and professional filming equipment such as lights and microphones. Without these things our film will never look as good as we hope it to be, no matter how hard we try.


Where is the crew of ST:D based?

We are primarily based in the UK, with help given to us from around the globe, and the film will be shot near Manchester, UK.


And beyond the final frontier!

Our budget of £500 will allow us to create a Star Trek film that everyone can enjoy, however with more we can have the opportunity for custom made music created specifically for this film, as well as a professional audio mix of the entire film including sound design. Not to mention we would also have a bigger budget to spend on the set construction phase.



Commander Stoven - Jaymes Sygrove
Lieutenant Miller - Ricky Huggins
General Karloth - Stu Lucas

Makeup Assistant - Bev Lucas

Original Music By - C. S.Watterson
Music Editor - James Meno

Muhand Rashid - Evren Nick - Abbey Rahman - - Paul Lefebvre - Shaun R.L. King - Ferdi Battes - Christopher A. Rubio - Erik Weinans - Niels Hordijk - Guillermo Martinez - ketwyld - Håkon Nilsen - Tony R Nunes - Jim Newberry - Karsten Zahl - Harman J. Kursner - Chris Zygar - Owen Griffiths - Stephanie K - Chris - Ola Rönnerup - Anthony Woods - Jack Maschka - Patrick Ellis - Larry Edwards - Randy - Manfred Fuchs - Sonia Koval - Lee Alley - SciFiGuyNJ (Jason Genser) - Steven Proctor - epix - Evistarator ~Persultassent Mens Sana - Charles Wankat - Andrew Agnew - Ben Walker-Sygrove - John Holbrook - Mike Rhodes - Joachim Fermstad - Tim Knight - karen - Aron Graveson - DVC Ak1rA - Bas van den Berg - Mark Ferrer - john frewin - Vijay Varman - Thomas Engels - Viking

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Director - Leo Tierney

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