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3 years ago we finished work on Deception, and now we're finally back working on Deception Episode 2! :D
There's not much to show at the moment, but we have begun work on the set which you can see in the images section or here, and hopefully should have that complete in the coming months, where we'll be producing a few production videos along the way. Watch this space! :D

Work on Star Trek: Deception has been completed! Hooray! :D
Our thanks go out to all those who helped out on this production, and to our Kickstarter backers, without you this film would never have been made, so thank you all again :)
Now that the film is complete, you can still help us out by spreading the word and making sure the whole world can taste a small slice of Star Trek fan fiction, enjoy! -

We have released a new video production update, this time focusing on the VFX side of things as well as some new information about the music, featuring our very own audio master C.S. Watterson! You may watch it here -
Stay tuned for more updates as we come to the end of this production!

We have wrapped on shooting for Star Trek: Deception! We have spent the last few days filming the Starfleet actors in the Runabout set and the Klingon actors against greenscreen, now all we have to do is crack on with the VFX, sound and music!
We have also produced a couple of production update videos after we finished shooting, which can be viewed here - - and here -
Expect more updates as we move into the post-production phase!

Work on ST:D is proceeding well, we have recently uploaded a new behind the scenes production video, this time focusing more on the current status of the Runabout cockpit with the director, Leo Tierney, giving a personal tour midway through construction -
We're hoping to have the set complete soon, all that needs doing is the painting and details such as computer terminals, hopefully after that we can start filming with the actors. Expect more updates soon! :)

After 30 days, our Kickstarter campaign is finally coming a close with a grand total of £1,174 raised, which is over 200% of our original goal! So thank you all again, we really appreciate it, and now we can go ahead and create a truly excellent film!
As a thank you for all the pledges, we have also created a short video detailing the current status of the project and includes our personal thanks. It also contains a sneak peek at the intro to the film -

Our Kickstarter campaign has reached an incredible 150% of its original goal, thanks everyone!
We still have 10 days left of the Kickstarter campaign left, but we decided to start production early, click here to see the set cleared out ready for construction, and here for a collection of tools we have so far.
Thanks again everyone! With the increased funds we should be able to create a film that's much better than we could ever have thought possible!

The Kickstarter campaign for Deception has reached its £500 goal! Thanks to all those that have pledged, it means a lot to us!
There are still 20 days left to go on the Kickstarter page so you can still help us out, anymore pledges will increase the production value and ultimately allow us to make a better film.
There are still exclusive rewards on Kickstarter available, including your name in the credits, DVDs and posters, so you can still pledge and receive these great rewards! However, after the campaign finishes these will no longer be available, so grab them while you can!

We would like to welcome on board Cory S.Watterson who has agreed to give Star Trek: Deception an epic soundtrack!
Our Kickstarter is now over 70% of the way towards our goal!
Nearly there, but we still need a little more to reach our final goal, so help pledge at -

Kickstarter campaign is already at 20% of its £500 target, after only being online for only 1 day! Now that's something to cheer about!
Special thanks to those that have already backed us, if you feel like joining them head over to - - and pledge to help get this film made and gain exclusive rewards! If you're strapped for cash you can still help us out by liking us on our Facebook page at -

Work on the Kickstarter campaign for Star Trek: Deception commences!
Facebook page has been created and is available for viewing at - - tell all your fiends and help get this film made by liking us!
Movie poster has also been completed to help promote the film and encourage everyone to pledge at Kickstarter.
Email accounts are now fully operational, send us your thoughts and questions to -
Kickstarter page has been set up and approved, now available at - - tell your friends and help get this film made!

email us at -
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